The Truckee North Lake Tahoe region will be net carbon neutral by 2045 through a combination of greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reduction and sinking or storing carbon in natural lands. Carbon neutrality will improve the environment, reduce the risk of wildfire, create new opportunities for innovation and business creation, diversify our economy, improve public health, equity and safety, and meet our commitment to steward the region for the benefit of future generations.


  • To work together to define an on-going agency and community collaboration focused on reducing regional GHG emissions and speeding the ability of the community to address the potential future impacts of climate change
  • To engage in a process to conduct joint data aggregation, fact finding, policy analysis and public education, in order to increase agency and public understanding about climate and climate related issues
  • To identify, explore, and encourage interim projects that partners and/or private interests may participate in
  • To explore opportunities for obtaining funding from public and private sources, including state and federal programs and granting agencies, to implement projects that will reduce GHG emissions, or assist the community with adapting to the impacts of climate change
  • To communicate to stakeholders and the public about the actions of the partners to meet regional GHG emissions reduction and climate adaptation goals

2024 Strategic Plan

2022 Strategic Plan