Truckee Tahoe Contractor Electrification Training

Contractor Benefits

The Tahoe Truckee Contractor Electrification Training Program offers training and mentorship opportunities to upskill local contractors with the knowledge and skillset needed to install electrification equipment such as heat pumps for space heating & cooling and water heating. This training is custom built to address the challenges with implementing heat pumps in the high snow load, winter conditions unique to the Truckee-Tahoe region. The training is a comprehensive no-cost program tailored to be multimodal and flexible (online courses, in-person classes, and on-call mentoring).

By offering and specializing in electrification technologies, you can broaden your scope of work and expand your clientele while also helping to enhance the Truckee Tahoe region by reducing harmful pollutants. 

Training Information

The on-demand, in-person trainings, and mentorship opportunities are developed and led by Dan Perunko of Balance Point Home Performance. The trainings are offered a la carte, participate in the courses that align best with your specialty (HVAC contractor, plumber, electrician, general contractor, etc.)


  • 10 online, on-demand courses, 2 hours each

Webinar Curriculum

Topics: heat pumps, equipment types, installation examples, water vs. air as a distribution medium, heat pump water heaters

Topics: building stock condition, style, and challenges, building enclosure issues in mountain climates, resilience and durability of electric homes, electrical panels and switching gadgets, batteries and generators

Topics: equipment options, space requirements, ducting requirements, freeze protections, efficiency upgrades from plumbing improvements, hot water recirculation systems and heat pump water heater efficiency

Topics: what is a building enclosure and how do they interact with electrification projects, building heat loads, air barriers, insulation systems, building venting (attics and crawlspaces), cold climate problems and solutions

Topics: watt diet, code compliance paths (prescriptive vs. monitored), technological solutions (load switching devices and smart panels), batteries and generators

Topics: manual J, D, S calculations, as is vs. improved results, how to use the load calculations for sales and project planning, equipment sizing vs. building load vs. electrical panel load

Topics: refrigerants and the environment, how refrigeration leakage can endanger your profits, leak free line set construction, line set verification and testing at install

Topics: advantages and disadvantages of ductless systems, single head, multi head, and VRF systems, wall, floor, and ceiling units, how many units does a house need, efficiencies and equipment sizing

Topics: how to avoid “scorched air systems” (duct sealing and leakage targets, system airflow and targets, room by room air flow and targets, fan energy consumption and targets), practical design principles (checking numbers, how to use simple velocity calculation for sizing ducts), air filtration sizing

Topics: system options, importance of duct sizing, air changes per hour for healthy homes, resisting smoke and ember intrusion

In-Person Training

The in-person training will be held on the Truckee Tahoe region in July 17, 2024. The training will be a full day class that will review and expand upon the topics discussed in the online webinars. The topics covered during the in-person training are as follows: 

  • Building stock condition, style, and challenges
  • Building enclosure issues and the mountain climate
  • Resilience and durability of electric homes
  • Electrical panels and switching gadgets
  • Batteries and generators
  • Heat Pumps 
  • Equipment types
  • Installation examples
  • Water vs. air as a distribution medium
  • Heat pump water heaters

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Mentoring from Balance Point Home Performance

1-on-1 mentoring is offered to contractors to help provide on-the-job guidance and assistance with problem-solving related to electrification projects.

If you are interested in receiving on-the-job mentoring from our experienced trainer (who is also an experienced contractor), please enroll in the training program using the button below.