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Outdoor Lighting
Rebate Program

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The Town of Truckee’s outdoor lighting rebate program is part of the Town’s dedication to preserving the nighttime environment by reducing harmful light pollution. By practicing purposeful outdoor lighting principles developed by DarkSky International, residents and visitors alike will be able to enjoy the Sierra Nevada night sky while minimizing impacts on wildlife, human health, and the planet at large.

Saving Energy & Reducing Emissions

Practicing responsible outdoor lighting levels not only enhances the nighttime environment but also reduces wasteful energy use and carbon emissions. DarkSky International estimates that outdoor lighting alone leads to the release of up to 21 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions in the U.S. annually.

Dark Skies Movement Infographic

Click the image to learn more about the importance of restoring the night sky.

Light Fixtures Updated

Applicant Testimonials

  • Rebates will be released on a first-come-first-serve basis, until funds are expended
  • Available for commercial buildings, single-family homes, and multifamily housing buildings with a physical location within the Town of Truckee boundaries. Click here for a map of the Town boundaries
  • Covers 100% of qualified outdoor lighting equipment up to the specified rebate amount
  • Can cover cost of light bulbs if fixture amount is below rebate limit
  • Lighting fixtures with motion sensors will receive a $20 bonus per fixture

Program Eligibility & Benefits

Commerial & Large Multifamily Housing

Up to $50 per fixture
Up to 50 fixtures

Single-Family Homes & Small Multifamily Housing

Up to $75 per fixture
Up to 8 fixtures

Building Type & SizeNumber of UnitsMax Number of FixturesMax Rebate Amount
(without motion sensor bonus)
Max Rebate Amount &
Motion Sensor Bonus Max
Residential Single Family Homes18$600$760
Commercial Buildings-50$2,500$3,500

*Note: Rebates of $600 or more will require the submittal of a completed W-9 form.

Lighting Requirements

  • Outdoor lighting equipment (must be a permanent fixture)
  • Meets Town of Truckee lighting ordinance
  • Lighting fixtures must be DarkSky approved (typically found in the fixture’s product details or includes the DarkSky IDA logo), energy efficient, and LED compatible
  • Purchased light bulbs must be ENERGY STAR® certified, LED, and must have a color temperature of 3000k or less
  • Lighting equipment must be new and purchased after the program launched on April 8, 2024

As an informational resource, the Climate Transformation Alliance is listing vendors who have indicated that they offer qualified lighting equipment. Please be aware this is not an endorsement or recommendation for any of these vendors by the Climate Transformation Alliance.

Suppliers Offering Qualified Lighting (please note that this is not an exhaustive list): 

Note: Not all lighting provided by the listed vendors qualify for this rebate program. If you are unsure if your equipment is eligible, please contact us

If you are a vendor of qualified equipment and would like to be added, please contact cta@sierrabusiness.org

Rebate applications are due 60 days after proof of purchase of the lighting equipment and must include the following as attachments:

What You Need to Apply

Proof of Purchase

Receipt must include the following details:

  • Type of lights
  • Number of lights
  • Total cost
  • Date of purchase


*Note: Rebates of $600 or more will require the submittal of a completed W-9 form.

Proof of Building Location

Eligible documentation must include the building address and the name of the buyer. You must upload one of the following:

  • bills (utility, phone, insurance, mortgage, etc.)
  • voter registration documents
  • renters/lease agreement
  • drivers license
Proof of Installation
  • Photo of the old lighting (pre-installation)

  • Photos of the lighting installation including light bulbs (if many bulbs are installed – provide one close up and then wider photos, as many as necessary, that clearly show all installed bulbs)

Ready to Apply?

Things to Remember

  • This rebate program is available for commercial and residential buildings within the Town of Truckee boundary
  • Only outdoor lighting that is DarkSky approved, energy efficient, and LED compatible is eligible


Commercial building owners, single-family homeowners, and multifamily building owners with a building that has a physical location within the Town of Truckee.

This rebate program is available for permanent outdoor lighting fixtures that DarkSky approved, energy efficient, and LED compatible. Lighting fixtures with motion sensors will receive a $20 bonus per light fixture. 

This program will not cover labor or installation costs. Decorative or string lights are also not eligible. 

This rebate program is on a first-come-first-serve basis and will end when funds have been expended.

No. Only new outdoor lighting is eligible for this program.

This rebate program will cover 100% of purchases up to the rebate amount.

Town of Truckee

Dark Sky Outdoor Lighting Rebate Program

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