Become a Member

Interested public agencies, community organizations, businesses, and other stakeholders can contact Sierra Business Council by emailing the CTA Project Manager ( for further details.

The Charter can be endorsed, and your interest in joining the alliance noted through a board resolution or signature from the business or individual. Local stakeholders who endorse the Charter will be considered Founding Members.

Existing Membership


Local governments, community organizations, businesses, and other stakeholders who have endorsed the CTA Charter are Members of the CTA.

The Governing Partners and the Members act as the governing body of the CTA. Members provide direction, participate in resource mobilization efforts,  consider and develop climate mitigation and adaptation strategies and projects, provide public education and engagement resources, amend the Charter by consensus, and approve the inclusion of new members. More membership information can be found in the charter.


Become a Subcommittee Member

CTA is launching four subcommittees for members to become more involved in shaping the Alliance from the ground up. If you’re passionate about the Truckee Tahoe region becoming carbon neutral by 2045, join us by serving on a subcommittee!

Governing Partners

The Governing Partners act as an executive committee with the responsibility of funding, strategic planning, and general oversight of CTA. The Governing Partners are:

Additional Governing Partners may be added at the Governing Partners’ discretion. The Governing Partners may appoint subcommittees composed of Governing Partners and Founding Members to support CTA programs and activities.


Sierra Business Council is the facilitator of CTA and is responsible for managing members, developing agendas, organizing meetings, applying for funding opportunities, managing budgets, developing communications strategies, planning events, and more.